Social Menu for Restaurants

Build a community around your menu

MOBLmenu is a truly social menu that drives traffic to your restaurant and connects you to your customers - and all their friends too!

15 guests enjoyed a meal. 3,000 friends instantly heard about it.

Guests loved seeing what their friends like on the menu. And I was very impressed with the exposure it generated.

Mike Bouris, Chances R

Amplify word-of-mouth marketing

Make it easy for customers to tell their friends what they love about your restaurant. Then draw them in with mouth-watering images, links to your website, and special discounts or prizes.

Get social, engage your customers

Let your customers have more fun by seeing what their friends like while browsing the menu. Encourage more "likes" with special rewards and start creating a buzz about your restaurant.

Simplify the ordering process

Your customers can easily remember their favourite dishes, find meals by prep time, avoid nuts, dairy, and other allergens, receive personalized suggestions, and explore new meals.

Connect with guests, draw them back

Know what your customers like and personalize your marketing to suit their interests. Spend less time trying to attract customers and more time serving them.