Awesome features for you...

Points for Urbanspoon Reviews

Guests can link their Urbanspoon username to their MOBLmenu account. When they leave a positive review on Urbanspoon, points will be awarded to them automatically.

Points for Tagging Friends

Guests can earn points each time they tag a friend in a Facebook post that advertises your restaurant. Not only do Facebook tags notify people directly, it also increases exposure and shows up on more people's newsfeeds.

Points for Becoming a Fan

It's good etiquette to thank those who promote your business and MOBLmenu lets you automate this while boosting your Facebook exposure and rewarding fans with points and/or prize giveaways.

Share Positive Comments

Guests are encouraged and rewarded for sharing what they like about your restaurant. You can even suggest certain attributes (like the atmosphere or service) and a certain style of wording that'll generate more clicks and likes on Facebook.

Customizeable Rewards

Restaurants can customize the points and prizes that each action is worth as well as choose the prizes that are awarded when guests reach certain levels. It's extremely flexible and can change at any time to suit your needs.

Custom Facebook Deals

When a guest posts something they like about your restaurant, MOBLmenu can include a deal that will entice their friends to visit your restaurant. The deal is fully customizeable and can be restricted to the guest's friends and/or people who live within a certain distance from your restaurant.

Socially Engaging Menu

When guests access MOBLmenu on their smartphones, they're immediately presented with a menu that displays profile pics of guests who have liked certain meals. When they connect their own Facebook account, they'll see their friends as well as which meals they recommend too!

Birthday Vouchers

To encourage guests and their friends to come in at various times throughout the year, birthday vouchers can be automatically distributed within a certain number of days before a guest's birthday. (Depending on their email subscription settings.)

Voucher Expiration Reminders

One pitfall that paper-based vouchers have is that there's no way to remind guests to use the voucher before it expires. With MOBLmenu, a reminder is automatically sent a few days before each voucher expires - enticing guests to take action before it's too late.

Twitter Points

Guests can automatically earn points and/or prizes for following your restaurant on Twitter and for tweeting their experience. Plus if you retweet, the guest can automatically receive additional rewards as well. This is an automated way of thanking guests with something tangible for advertising your brand.

Points for Surveys

It's important to get feedback from your guests and discover where you need to improve - before they rant about it on review sites. MOBLmenu lets restaurants easily reward and respond to guests who complete a short survey.

Compatible with every POS

A small & moveable button hovers over top of your POS system at all times. When pressed, the MOBLmenu application appears and the server can easily assign points based on dollars spent, look up and redeem vouchers, or view reports. There is no interference with your POS software.

Points for Dollars Spent

After each bill is printed, your servers can enter the number of dollars spent and print a QR code and URL which the guest can use to claim their points. Every point is trackable right down to the check number and server code.

Rewards for Servers

When guests collect points based on dollars spent in your restaurant, the server who gave them their points earns an entry into a monthly draw. Each entry increases the server's chance of winning a free dinner for two at a participating restaurant.

Easy Voucher Redemption

Using the MOBLmenu application, servers can simply enter the 5-digit voucher code presented by the guest (or look it up based on the guest's name) to mark it as redeemed.